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consulting | software development | platform solutions.  

Hynes & Khater: 

What we think, we become.

The difference with Hynes & Khater comes with the team, experience, honesty, drive for excellence, and focus on keeping it simple to achieve accelerated success. There are plenty of consulting, technology, and other companies out there to just “do the work” but few can go beyond, and partner to create a better future. Our team of 9 people and counting prides itself on anticipating tomorrow by always looking to ensure success includes sustainability by exceeding the challenges of today. Any gaps are overcome by cutting through the noise and delivering sharp insights with solutions that are action oriented.

Our Services

Our Servuces
Consulting Services

A team of highly experienced professionals is ready to partner in providing a range of consulting services. The background of successfully executing in leadership, organizational management, technology, security, and data disciplines across companies of all sizes provides a unique set of insights. Hynes & Khater is ready to bring that knowledge to your organization for improved successful outcomes.

Software Development

The development team is excited about technology and bringing solutions to life with tangible results. Whether you need help to get more out of your current systems or a complete custom solution our team can get the job done.

Platform Solutions

Ready to integrate solutions for the IT foundation that encapsulates business processes and underlying complexity. Benefit of tried and true implementation practices enabling high transaction, Omni-channel, enterprise solutions.

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