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Who We Are

Our team at Hynes & Khater stems from deep travel and transport industry experiences that transfer to a multitude of industries. The number of complexities (workforce, regulations, IT systems, etc.), around the clock operations, lean profit margins, customer service delivery and so many other facets have provided a deep and meaningful background. Through this we established a mindset geared towards sustainable execution and value creation. That attitude combined with the experience, creative problem solving, and ability to bridge people, leadership, technology, and business to create successful outcomes is a rare combination. The team does this with a focus on trust, mutually earned respect, and relentless pursuit of doing great and meaningful work that makes a difference.

Our intent is to help others avoid the growing pains where possible, reduce risks by leveraging our experience, and accelerating execution to create value for your business, employees, and customers. The driver is to embrace change from the people to the technology and remove friction in the process. Hynes & Khater is also flexible, and can work across all team sizes from small to large across multiple locations, skill levels, backgrounds, and approaches. There is no pre-determined client for our practice.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a standout consulting, software development, and platform solutions practice who values people, encourages individuality, authenticity and true innovation dedicated to the realization of unique and exciting solutions.

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