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Software Development

Custom Development

The market for ready to implement solutions is fulfilling much of the business needs. However, there are cases when you need a solution that is custom fit to your needs. Whether that is integrating with existing solutions or designing, developing, and implementing a solution from scratch Hynes & Khater has the professionals to bring your project to life.


The Digital Age demands that your technology works seamlessly from the desktop to mobile devices. The Hynes & Khater team of highly skilled professionals knows how to deliver user experience solutions that target your user base effectively. Native mobile apps to adaptive web designs are all a possibility with the team partnering to find the right solution for your needs and optimal customer experience.

Systems Integration

The array of various systems within a company can be overwhelming and not always meet your needs. This often means there is an opportunity to optimize the integration of the systems rather than start to replace them. With years of experience working in an industry where systems are often large, monolithic, and difficult to replace the team knows how to mask those complexities and improve technology integration. This is done through understanding the systems, business processes, and options to improve the integration with decreased risk, improved time to market, and value-based outcomes.


In this age of digital, mobile, and explosion of access to information a robust API implementation is a key strategic enabler. There are many software development options to build those services but few that can do it to scale with consistency, quality, and an eye towards continued success. The ability to properly architect, design, leverage marketplace tools/methodologies, and implement an API platform is true differentiator at Hynes & Khater. Partner with us to deliver on the core technology that can mask your business and technology complexities while unlocking the potential of a differentiated customer experience across all channels.

Data Enablement

Every company has data, and typically lots of it, and it accessible in a variety of forms. The challenge and real value in all that data is how to put it to work to a make a difference. This requires knowledge in data management, operational data stores, high performance cache, analytics, reporting, data events, and more recently big data, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The team at Hynes & Khater has the experience to identify the right solution(s) for your needs and implement them rapidly.

Consulting Services

A team of highly experienced professionals is ready to partner in providing a range of consulting services. The background of successfully executing in leadership, organizational management, technology, security, and data disciplines across companies of all sizes provides a unique set of insights. Hynes & Khater is ready to bring that knowledge to your organization for improved successful outcomes.

Platform Solutions

Ready to integrate solutions for the IT foundation that encapsulates business processes and underlying complexity. Benefit of tried and true implementation practices enabling high transaction, Omni-channel, enterprise solutions.

Hynes & Khater is a software development practice that truly connects the business and technology vision with sustainable results that matter. We execute through a balance of leveraging commodity assets with integration that allows your products and business to stand out from the crowd. The team brings proactive approaches to development that enable promotion of future growth and change with agility.  We excel in leading technical teams with a focus on developing and executing leading edge solutions for positive business results. In addition, we practice agile implementation and lean thinking to drive productivity, increase revenue, and provide a competitive edge with a differentiated customer experience.

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