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Why Choose

Hynes & Khater?

The entire practice at Hynes & Khater centers around unlocking the potential of people, teams, technology, and ultimately our clients needs. The team brings a methodology and thoughtfulness to every engagement focused on allowing innovation with an accelerated timeline to achieving successful outcomes.  This approach is based on a wealth of experience executing in complex environments while embracing change and removing friction in every step of the process. The team has honed these skills through multiple examples leading people, continuously evolving approaches, and adoption of the right technology at the right time. There have been multiple initiatives over the years to test us with data center moves, data transformations, technology platforms, organizational changes, culture shifts, mergers, and the world’s largest PSS migration just to name a few. 


Wealth of practical experience
in building, leading, and
executing with success

The team has been there and done that from "startup", where everyone does a little bit of everything, to large Fortune 100 corporations. Through experiences in delivering organizational change management, leadership, people development, and technology transformation with repeated success, there is little we haven't seen. This has been applied in eCommerce platforms growing from millions to $10+ billion in revenue generation, operational systems driving employee engagement, and the constant need to evolve, with consistent results. Allow us to share that knowledge and elevate your organization to the next level.

Anticipating tomorrow
is in our DNA

Strategic consulting, Cloud, Digital Transformation, Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and ever-changing buzz words can lead to confusion on where to focus and deliver value for your company. At Hynes & Khater we possess the unique ability to cut through all the terminology and identify what is relevant to execute on now while keeping an eye towards the constantly evolving future. The expectation of change is a core tenant that we embrace in our approach as a key enabler for that competitive advantage in your business.

Transform great ideas into reality

Ever struggle with how to take all those great ideas and make them a reality? That is a common challenge across many industries. Allow us to help identify the trends in all of those ideas and what components are needed to make that a reality. While there is no magic solution to this challenge, we have the experience to get to the relevant details and identify an achievable plan to execution through our consulting services and solutions.

Achievable approach
to transformation

In this age of digital transformation, practically every business is under pressure to transform with technology as a key enabler. The ability to go beyond the consulting speak is a key strength at Hynes & Khater. There are challenges to transformation which cross people, process, and technology. Breaking down those challenges into a manageable approach aligned to key objectives while reducing complexity and risk is something we have done time and time again.

Overcome complexity as a
barrier to progress

As the push for new and exciting innovation drives change it is important that the complexity of people, processes, IT, and risk are taken into account. The decades of experience in the travel and transportation industry with 24/7 operations, complex technology, high customer experience expectations, and a multitude of converging business processes, provides the know how to facilitate success in any industry.  Striking the balance between existing complexities and evolving to an agile delivery model is a tricky problem to solve. Let us share the experience and solutions to find that balance for your company.

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