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Consulting Services

Hynes & Khater has talented people with a vast array of experience across leadership, change management, technology, customer experience, transformation, data enablement, security, front line operations and HR. We have the best people empowered to meet each situation with skill, quality, and exceptional results. We propel organizations to achieve objectives through strategic planning and road-maps with value based execution based on hands on experience. As a partner, we deepen digital business penetration and prepare for, or pre-empt digital business disruptions. We also have a keen ability to bridge gaps by cutting through the “noise” and delivering clear, sharp, actionable insights.


The ability to formulate and articulate a strategic vision is crucial to guide execution. The Hynes & Khater team has the experience to ensure that message resonates from the board room to every level of an organization. We partner with you to develop, communicate, and implement that strategy, in order to drive meaningful results.

Digital Transformation

The experience of conceiving the needs in 2009 for a Digital Transformation, architecting the technology to make it happen, leading the organizational change management, and executing to implementation brings a unique perspective that needs to be shared. Our intent is to help others avoid the growing pains where possible, reduce risks by leveraging our experience, and accelerating execution to create value for your business, employees, and customers.


The team brings applied experience architecting, building, and operating one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world with over $13 billion per year in revenue. Implementing an omni-channel architecture enabling dozens of channel integration points spanning customer facing, employee focused, IoT devices, and B2B requires a cloud enabled approach with DevOps at the core. Across all those channels, the platform enables trillions of transactions in an open system architecture geared towards an Agile and DevOps practice. The methodology implemented balances a centralized enterprise approach that creates standardization, consistency, and testability where appropriate while allowing for “localized” development and solution implementation to fit the needs of a project.


The importance of data as key asset and differentiator has never been greater. Whether you need to improve performance, establish a data governance practice, or adopt Big Data and related capabilities we are the partner to make your vision a reality. Aligning data to the systems and business processes leads the thinking in our data services practice. The team is highly experienced in high transaction processing of large datasets for online systems as well as enabling a sophisticated data analytics practice.

IT Architecture

The evolution of IT architecture and applying that to the transforming digital landscape is as much art as it is science. At Hynes & Khater we know when to strike the balance between the enterprise approach and project-based needs without compromising the strategy and future needs. The IT architecture practice applies an encapsulation methodology to unlock core platforms allowing innovation and shortened time to achieving successful outcomes. This approach is based on a wealth of experience building open systems around core “legacy” or mainframe systems that leverage data as a strategic asset with open access through standard APIs.  The team is adept at assessing your needs and applying an approach to reduce risk, mask complexity, and achieve deliverables in a timely manner.

Software Development

The development team is excited about technology and bringing solutions to life with tangible results. Whether you need help to get more out of your current systems or a complete custom solution our team can get the job done.

Platform Solutions

Ready to integrate solutions for the IT foundation that encapsulates business processes and underlying complexity. Benefit of tried and true implementation practices enabling high transaction, Omni-channel, enterprise solutions.

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