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Platform Solutions

API Framework

A critical technology enabler to execute on any Digital Transformation, Mobile First, Omni-Channel, or otherwise forward-thinking strategy is a solid, consistent, scalable API platform. There are many necessary components to a successful API platform and Hynes & Khater has developed a robust, adaptable methodology to implementing for any business model. This starts with a core set of interfaces, access mechanisms, and patterns that are ready to fit client needs with minimal modification. The platform has been used to speed time to market, reduce maintenance, reduce complexity of integration, and flexibly enable multiple points of integration across channels.

Customer Management

The ability to accurately know your customer starts with allowing them to tell you about themselves. This starts with basic details such as name, email, phone and grows into more complex items such as preferences around communication, products, and services. Keeping up with all those details and integrating with an ever-growing social media landscape is a challenge. The customer platform at Hynes & Khater is based on the experiences of seeing these needs evolve and grow over time. Our solution has taken the guess work out of the process and embraced the change that comes with managing your customer. This ranges from social media, single sign on, data storage, integration with other data stores, federation of data, and the APIs necessary to programmatically access this functionality all with data privacy at the forefront.

Order Processing

In virtually every business there is a need to capture the details of a committed order. This can be accepting a travel reservation, reserving a table at a restaurant, purchasing tickets to the latest concert or play, and hundreds of other transactions. The art of capturing all the relevant details often goes beyond the capability of the core order processing technology. With years of experience in the travel and transportation industry working around core systems the team has developed a platform capable of ensuring the right information is recorded. This solution extends that with APIs, data feeds to other systems, and data privacy all at the core of the system.

Consulting Services

A team of highly experienced professionals is ready to partner in providing a range of consulting services. The background of successfully executing in leadership, organizational management, technology, security, and data disciplines across companies of all sizes provides a unique set of insights. Hynes & Khater is ready to bring that knowledge to your organization for improved successful outcomes.

Software Development

The development team is excited about technology and bringing solutions to life with tangible results. Whether you need help to get more out of your current systems or a complete custom solution our team can get the job done.

Hynes & Khater develops essential capabilities to digitally remaster products and services that jump start initiatives to redefine productivity for the digital age. We provide solutions that bridge the integration of disparate systems and business processes to fit your business through an adaptable framework that addresses the needs of tomorrow. Also, we have foundational Ecosystems that anticipate the needs of tomorrow.

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